About Us

Harinder Singh

Harinder Singh is a Reiki Healer who has extended the practice of healing to the disciplines of Remedial Astrology, Creating positive energy in the home & work environment of clients & through Nature Cure. His primary objective is to heal and harmonize health and other life situations of clients. He has an active experience since 1997 & is working professionally in these fields since the year 2003.

Aanchal Singh

Aanchal Singh has had the gift of intuition from birth. She started her training in the occult with the learning of how to foretell future events from reading Playing Cards. An Anglo-Indian lady from Kolkata by the name of Dorothy Heffren initiated her into this unique method in the year 1995. Dorothy Heffren has transitioned from our world. Aanchal has been instructed not to teach this to anyone. The future that is revealed in these cards is fairly accurate since it is difficult to change whatever is revealed.

Aanchal has also learnt the tarot cards from the late Ma Prem Usha in 1997. Aanchal also practiced with Ma Prem Usha for a short while. Today, Aanchal professionally advises people on their life situations and is a valuable contributor to the healing work of her husband Harinder Singh.

Aanchal Singh also answers questions through the use of Tarot Cards. Aanchal Singh learned Tarot Cards from Ma Prem Usha. Aanchal also briefly assisted Ma Prem Usha in her professional work. Subsequently, Aanchal also used to give weekly predictions in "Ad Mag" for over a year. She has been guiding clients through the use of Tarot Cards since 1996.