Healing Services

For Various Situations

We have healed various life situations of our clients over the last 7 years. We have used Reiki Healing, Lal Kitab remedies & other remedial measures to help our clients overcome various difficulties in their lives such as:

• RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: We have helped to heal the relationships of various clients in the areas of marriage, family discord, office & work environment, even where clients are unable to have children & the cause cannot be deciphered.

• MARRIAGE BLOCKS: Blocks in marriage can take various forms. Inability to find a suitable marriage partner, interference from outside sources in the married life of clients, fallout with family members due to an inappropriate match & other specific problems in marriage. We have helped our clients solve various issues in these areas of their lives.

• CAREER & WORK RELATED BLOCKS: Office politics, lack of concentration at work place, failure to perform & get positive results in our client’s field of work. Stagnation in career. Failure to get a job. We have experience in providing solutions to our clients in the above areas.

• BUSINESS & INCOME BLOCKS: Failure & stagnation in business. Income blocks causing a client to suffer from debt & bad luck. We have helped numerous clients with all the above problem areas in their lives. Many times we have helped our clients to convert business opportunities into successful business & income.

• EDUCATION & PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCKS OF GROWING CHILDREN & YOUTH: Inability & distractions which cause children & youth to lose focus in their education, children & youth who are unable to get good results despite hard work. Inability of students to pass competitive exams despite hard work. Several clients have become successful with our guidance.

• MENTAL TENSIONS: Tensions causing memory loss, scattered thoughts, anxiety attacks, uncontrolled anger. Such cases have successfully been healed of their tensions. Many clients have been relieved of these symptoms.

• COURT CASES: Court cases related to property disputes, divorce settlements, criminal cases where clients are unfairly targeted have been successfully resolved in favour of our clients.

• OBSESSIONS & MENTAL DISTURBANCE/ DEPRESSION: Daily stress in our lives can lead to developing habits which turn into obsessions have been successfully healed. Also, depression & other mental disturbances like fear from various situations & objects as well as insomnia have been successfully healed.