Astrological Services

What are Tarot Cards

This is a unique system of guidance specifically suited to giving specific answers to a client’s queries on various life situations they are facing currently or life situations they are likely to face in the future.

Questions on situations such as guidance on what to do next in a court case, business negotiation, personal relationships, education & examinations related to students and other situations have been specifically answered with the help of tarot cards.

It is always preferable to answer questions when our clients are present face to face. But, we have had very good results while guiding our clients at a distance & clients who are unable to personally sit across the table with us.

Tarot Cards are exclusively practised by Aanchal Singh.

With the help of healing & other remedial measures, we have seen changes in the many negative happenings which were predicted before these various healing methods were employed by us. After these healing methods, the situation & the future results change dramatically in many cases.