Astrological Services

What are Playing Cards

PLAYING CARDS BASED PREDICTIONS OF FUTURE EVENTS: This is a system of prediction which will predict your future events, good & bad before they happen without your asking any questions. The definiteness with which these events happen is quite high.

This is because this information is channelled from a higher angelic dimension. In the past experiences we have had with predictions given by playing cards, it has been difficult to overcome a bad event which has been predicted for a client.

 It requires a lot of healing & use of other methodologies to neutralize it. But, the best part is it warns of various bad events in advance so that we can work to neutralize them.

Likewise, many good events are foretold in advance. This helps our client to prepare for this future event. As the saying goes “success is experienced when opportunity meets preparation”. With these divination tools, healing, remedial measures & other tools we help people achieve success.

Playing Cards are exclusively practised by Aanchal Singh.