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Delson is Indian made Modular kitchen with High Gloss finish. Approx Prise range is  2,00,000/. It is made of marine


Novel is Indian made Modular kitchen with High Gloss finish. Approx Prise range is  2,00,000/. It is made of marine


Zora is Indian made Modular Kitchen, it can be cuatomize Modular Kitchen. It is made of marine waterproof plywood and outer surface is laminated with marino highgloss laminate. Delivery time approx 25 days.

We always say “First impression is the last impression” and try to fix our lives and our homes that create a lasting impression. A home is known for its interiors and we always strive to make them the best. Every part of the house is equally important and needs to be designed well. Well, Better Home is here to solve all your queries and acquaint you with all the fresh and contemporary designs. We are your trusted experts when it comes to Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad. We assure you that transform your kitchen area into a unique masterpiece with our unique designs. 

We know how important is to design the kitchen and we offer the best solutions and designs of modular kitchen that has the finest quality and are perfect in style too. Our designs are made as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Better Home India is a leading choice for Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad as we ensure that your kitchen matches your vision. 

  •         What is a Modular Kitchen?

In today’s world, the kitchen is not only about merely cooking but also a place of gathering, socializing and even turning into a creative space. In a few years, the rise of Modular Kitchen has risen tremendously due to its unique features and benefits. Modular Kitchen is an amalgamation of functionality and flexibility. A modular kitchen’s style and approach are different from a traditional kitchen. Modular Kitchen has standard-sized cabinets, drawers and other storage units that make the kitchen look bigger and spacious. It is made in such a way that more space remains empty and clean.  

  •         Why Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad is in much trend nowadays?

Modular Kitchens in Ahmedabad are increasing day by day as the residents are availing its huge benefits. Certain points make modular kitchens more trending. 

  1. Space efficiency- In a city where the population is a lot more, every space needs to be covered properly. Well, Modular Kitchens can utilize every corner of the space and make it look good and are the best option for smaller homes as well.
  2. Aesthetic appeal- The look of a Modular Kitchen is enough to make it look attractive and clean. The designs used while making them are elegant as well as about modern trends. Modular Kitchen has that essence in it that it can add beauty and grace to the interiors of the house and make it look phenomenal. 
  3. Installation and Maintenance are easy- There is no long process required while fitting a modular kitchen. The materials used in making the modular kitchen are low-priced as well. 
  4. Customization- A modular kitchen gives a chance to customize as per your choices and designs which makes the work easy and is favorable to you as well. 
  5. Technology Integration- Smart technology is used in Modular Kitchens making the cooking tasks easy and efficient. 

Well, Better Home India has Modular Kitchen designs and they are the Delson- Modular Kitchen, Novel-Modular Kitchen and Zora Modular Kitchen. Our modular kitchens are cost-effective as compared to other modular kitchens prices in Ahmedabad. 

  •         Factors to be known while Setting up a Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad.

   To create a stylish and functional modular kitchen in Ahmedabad, you need to consider a few points. 

- Layout Design- You need to choose a perfect layout design that suits your preferences and choices.

- Color scheme- Light colours generally make the kitchen dirty. Choose a colour that is easy to maintain.

- Budget planning- Create a budget in your mind and other additional costs that need to be done.

- Space assessment- Measure the kitchen space well to make the optimum use of it.

- Material selection- Choose the materials that are heat resistant as per the climate of Ahmedabad.

- Professional Installation- Set up your modular kitchen by the experts to avoid any further mistakes.

In synopsis, when it comes to Better Home India, we assure you of the best quality as well as the finest designs that you can look up to. Create a kitchen of your dreams with us with our impeccable services. As the foremost and well-known modular kitchen manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we are the best choice to cater to all your kitchen needs. Make us your preferred destination when buying a modular kitchen on your list.


  1. What is the best size for a Modular Kitchen?

A minimum kitchen size of 8*10 size is recommended. 

  1. Is modular kitchen long-lasting?

On average, a well-maintained modular kitchen can last for for15-20 years.

  1. Which board is good for a modular kitchen?

Plywood is considered to be the best for modular kitchens.

  1. Which brand is good for modular kitchens in Ahmedabad?

Better Home India is a good dealer for Modular Kitchens.