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Specially crafted wooden blades shaped like the leaves of the aromatic basil plant, hand-polished natural shades rendering a burnished touch to the dome- can a fan get any prettier?

Caribbean (Natural/Dark Rattan)

The Caribbean, is the latest 5-blade semi-outdoor fan that makes you feel like you’re on a Caribbean beach. This handwoven rattan-blade fan makes it a perfect match for both indoors as well as outdoors. Available in Natural rattan as well as Dark rattan.


This interstellar fan comes from a land far, far away. Odyssey is a two of a kind fan (Nebula) with retractable blades that open up as the body descends. It comes with multicolour LED options, as well as Fanzart’s unique summer-winter feature.


Simple yet supremely utilitarian, the Polo catches your eye with its cute compact looks. With its light-weight ABS fine blades and unique space-saver design, this designer fan is perfect for walk-in wardrobes, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms. Equipped with an LED kit and a remote-control option, the Polo can give its more fancied contenders a run for their money. Needless to say, the Polo wins top-spot in the ‘Value for Money’ category

Propeller (Ms/Ab/Silver)

Here’s a fan for those who love to fly. Be it the special treated plywood blades modelled around jet plane propellers or the multi-coloured LED mounted dome, this stylish modern remote controlled fan has all it takes to sweep you off your feet.

Saturn – Designer Fan

Much like the planet it gets its name from, this fan’s unique scythe-shaped retractable blades cause a ring-like illusion when in full swing. This next-gen contemporary fan is equipped with a radio- frequency remote control as well as an LED light kit too. Buy Designer Fan online with LED light . Buy Fan for Dining room online.


Here’s a fan that wins blades down – literally. Yet another shining example of the creativity in the Fanzart think-tank, this remote-controlled beauty comes with specially-designed, foldable, transparent acrylic-fine blades. Available in both matt silver as well as black colour schemes, the ‘Shadow’ is also equipped with a light kit. buy Designer Ceiling Fan online. Buy Designer Fan with led light online.  

Shimmer – Designer Fan

Discover Shimmer - a stylish, glittery and musical ceiling fan from Fanzart. The Shimmer comes with retractable blades and a three-colour LED light dome. The addition of glitter makes it look like the night sky, making it perfect to sleep under. Equipped with blue-tooth speakers, here’s a fan that doesn’t just keep your room cool, but helps you chill out. Shimmer is Best Designer Ceiling Fan for Dining room. Buy online stylish Designer Fan with LED LAMP.    


Here’s a fan that reminds one of the glorious art and architecture that characterize the Holy Sea. The reversible dual colour special wooden blades and the LED mounted amber dome are just a few of the many features that make this vintage designer fan a visual treat.