Through this website, we have attempted to give a platform to seek professional assistance for various problems people face in their lives. We can categorise these problems into various areas of a personís life. This is to make the public understand the areas in which healing, astrological advice & remedies can help and give solutions:
1. health issues & solutions to diseases
2. academic underperformance by children & adolescents & solutions leading to educational excellence
3. behavioural problems of children & solutions leading to development of their personalities
4. career & professional problems related to performance & earning with solutions to these issues
5. problems related to marriage & other relationships
6. inability to conceive by childless couples where organs for conception exist & solutions to their difficult situation
7. litigations where there is unfair victimisation

Admittedly, there are life situation cases which are difficult to resolve in a short period and people find it difficult to wait for a long period of time to resolve these issues. Also, there are disease cases where there has been extensive organ damage making it virtually impossible to cure the disease.

Therefore, with skills of astrology, we analyse each situation and give information on possibilities of success in resolving problems specific to each situation to the satisfaction of our clients.

Astrological Services

HOROSCOPE BASED REMEDIES: Using Lal Kitab & other healing methods, we suggest solutions based on the current karmic situation & possible situations in the coming year.


Healing Services

We have healed various life situations of our clients over the last 7 years. We also have experience in healing diseases.



Know about us

Harinder Singh

Harinder Singh is a Reiki Healer who has extended the practice of healing since 12 years now.

Aanchal Singh

Aanchal Singh has had the gift of intuition from birth.  She has learnt the tarot cards from the late Ma Prem Usha in 1997